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Dr. Kathryn Kennedy
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 7 reviews
by Thomas P. on Dr. Kathryn Kennedy

NEVER AGAIN...NEVER AGAIN WILLI BE SCARED OF DENTISTS. I don't usually write testimonials like this, but when Dr Kennedy asked me,I immediately said Yes. I hate going to the Dentists, but know its something important to do. So, when it came time to go, I was a bit nervous. I had no reason to be. Dr Kennedy was a pleasure and I actually look forward to my visits, now.

by George N. on Dr. Kathryn Kennedy

I got to know Dr. Kennedy since 2003 as a highly professional dentist that is using top of the line dental materials. Since 2003, Dr. Kennedy is using the Dentin Desensitizing System (DDS) with fluoride made right here in the Chicago land, a top of the line product that is better than GLUMA desensitizer, made in Germany by the largest pharmaceutical Company in the world.I highly recommend Dr. Kennedy to take care of all of your dental care needs. George Nicolae, PhD

by Roger F. on Dr. Kathryn Kennedy

A FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE, MORE THAN EXPECTED. I didn't expect the visit to go the way that it did. I expected an impersonal doctor to give me random small talk while unsympathetically burrowing around in my mouth. I got none of that. All I got was pleasant sincere conversation and a painless procedure. Thank you, Doc.

by Edaline L. on Dr. Kathryn Kennedy

Very Satisfied...I was comfortable the minute that I walked into Dr Kennedy's office. I greeted from the reception counter by a very pleasant woman and experienced this same courtesy all throughout my visit. I'm very happy that I have found my dentist.

by Ashley F. on Dr. Kathryn Kennedy

It doesn't hurt... Really. Pain has always been my reason for procrastinating the dentist. Now, with Dr Kennedy, thats not an issue. When having my teeth filled, I had to have shots. Dr Kennedy put this cream stuff on my gums to deaden them for the shot! I didn't even feel the Novocaine shot!

by Robert S. on Dr. Kathryn Kennedy

Very affordable..I needed the work done, but was nervous at the price, since I don't have insurance. Very reasonable and I was able to pay. Very happy.

by Rodney S. on Dr. Kathryn Kennedy

I was scared until I met the doc. Dr Kennedy has a real way to make you feel at ease from the moment you walk in the office. I have always been afraid of needles and everything that goes along with dentists, but her easy manner and fantastic skills made me forget where I was. The staff is very nice and before I knew it I was done! Thank you Doctor.